Here's a sneak peak into  what we value and what Camp Qurtuba strives to do!


Build a sustainable, eco-friendly space that allows campers the freedom to escape, unwind, and become one with nature.


  • Reuse, Reduce and Upcycle!

  • Escapism: The avoidance of unpleasant, boring, arduous aspects of daily life. 

  • Off the Grid Living.

Camp Qurtuba is like having a giant treehouse in our back yard - it’s an authentic outdoor experience without leaving the city and the added advantage of not having any security fears - 


Every detail of the design and layout integrates perfectly with the realization that you're off the grid and it truly makes for a splendid venue.


Our annual Youth camp was "LIT" this year thanks to Camp Qurtuba. Our campers were awestruck by the murals and fascinating features found at every turn. Glampers were very impressed with their cosy little cabins. With it's whimsical appeal, Camp Qurtuba made for the perfect venue to host our youth camp and keep young ones entertained. 


Linbro Islamic Trust (LIT) is extremely grateful that we had the perfect setting for our 2nd Camp Night. We look forward to many more magical camps ahead!

LIT (Linbro Islamic Trust)





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